Day 2 – Coming to America (1988)

Coming to America was a mixed bagged for me. Some scenes really landed with me while others I could really feel 1988 of this film. I could totally sense the time that the film wasn’t from today with certain jokes, mostly made at the detriment of the women in the film.

I never watched a lot of Eddie Murphy movies growing up but I know who he is and the few films I have seen with him were not as funny as everyone said this man was. But I guess Coming to America might have been him at his best because I laughed so hard so many times.

I don’t think it’s perfect, maybe it was better when it was first released and some of the jokes don’t hold up to the world we live in right now. I think that the concept is a lot stronger then the film and that often it gets drags down by recurring bits that are not funny. I think of the bit of the barbershop that got old really quickly.

But then other things were really funny, mostly the scenes when they were discovering the customs in America, Eddie’s character asking for a poor apartment or them trying to figure out where to go and only debating between Los Angeles and New York. It made me laugh out loud quite a bit but it also made me frustrated quite a bit.

I know many for years have requested a sequel but I like the ending, I like the fact that this is it. I think that is the problem nowadays, I think this is a perfect bottled movie that doesn’t need anything else but what we got. The message of this film of finding your independence is perfect and I do like that the female characters are strong, even tho all they want is to find a husband.

Coming to America feels it’s age, I think had it been made today some things would have changed but it has its charms that I think elevates the film so much more then what it truly would have been otherwise.


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