Day 5 – Mr. Right (2015)

Mr. Right isn’t perfect, it often drags on and I wish that some elements on it were taken away but the chemistry between Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell make it really work. The concept is so interesting, the way it’s shot is cinematographic and you can forgive the clear use of body doubles for Rockwell and Kendrick when they do action scenes. Mr. Right is the type of movie that tries to be too many things and it, unfortunately, drags it down.

My favourite part of Mr. Right was the relationship between its main characters. It was a cute relationship that deserved more time and attention that the film gave it. The thing is the film tries to give us side story to explain why Mr. Right, or Francis, as we learn, is this way. I didn’t care for this story of the Corporation chasing after him or his old friend. And I cared even less about the story of the drug dealers. These scenes were just drag that didn’t need to be there.

Mr. Right had so much potential, the potential to be really good. It had great acting and a great premise but the side story just made the film a little bit less interesting for me. It’s a film that could of been so much better but it just wasn’t.


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