Day: January 13, 2019

Day 8 – Burnt (2015)

Somehow, Bradley Cooper with time has become my favourite actor over the last few years and that was the main reason why Burnt was on my list. And not even him or the star stubbed cast. Emma Thompson, Sienna Miller, Daniel Brühl, Lily James, Alicia Vikander, Matthew Rhys and Uma Thurman just to name them, so you can see how full the cast is and yet, they can’t save this film.

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Day 7 – Vice (2018)

I wanted to like this but there’s just something about it that just made me go: “Why am I watching this again?” It’s not that the performances are bad, Christian Bale and Amy Adams are wonderful and do a great job, but the way McKay directs this film just doesn’t work for me. It might have worked when he did The Big Short but with Vice it just feels so out of place.

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