Day 6 – Stan & Ollie (2019)

I knew nothing of Laurel and Hardy. I knew who they were by name but I have never seen any of their pictures. So I went into this blindly. And boy was it a treat

John C. Reilly might not seem like the right choice to play Hardy but he was flawless in this role, giving what I would consider his best performance ever. It’s something when you think about it because he has given amazing performances in the past but once you get past the prosthetics and make-up, he gives a performance that is so touching. Steve Coogan is also sensational as Laurel but for me, Reilly really took the movie and ran with it.

Stan & Ollie is funny, witty but also so touching and sad at times. Laurel and Hardy were two of the biggest movie comedic movies stars and yet they barely made anything out of their films. It’s a movie about friendship and love, a movie that knows that not everyone will know about these man and uses it to it’s advantage to reintroduce them to a new generation.

Full of jokes and heart, Stan & Ollie is a must see this year!

(And if you walk away without loving the character of Ida, I don’t know what you are doing with your life.)


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