Day 7 – Vice (2018)

I wanted to like this but there’s just something about it that just made me go: “Why am I watching this again?” It’s not that the performances are bad, Christian Bale and Amy Adams are wonderful and do a great job, but the way McKay directs this film just doesn’t work for me. It might have worked when he did The Big Short but with Vice it just feels so out of place.

Sometimes Vice works really well but then McKay decides to cut his movie with footage that just seems out of place. The film does do some interesting things, the mid-film fake ending made me chuckle but then that was just one moment. It tries to do that over and over again and it just doesn’t fit the tone of the film. A tone that is all over the place. It just didn’t work…

The film tries so hard, too hard even. It doesn’t know if it wants us to love or hate Cheney, it doesn’t have a clear tone, it goes left and right with it and the pacing is so weird. Sometimes it super fast, sometimes so slow, it just can’t find the right foot. The film is also so long, at least half an hour could have been cut.

Vice is neither too bad or good. It just falls into the middle, in the category of film that I will have forgotten in just a few weeks and not ever try to revisit it.


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