Day 10 – The Karate Kid (1984)

Let me preface this by saying that I had seen part of The Karate Kid but I had never seen it in its entirety. I had seen parts and bits but other then a kid learning karate I didn’t know anything really. I didn’t realize this was such a high school, a love story really. While on the surface it really looks like a love story between Ali and Daniel, to me the real love story is between Mr. Miyagi and Daniel.

This is probably my favourite film I have watched up to date. It was cute, entertaining but mostly it had some amazing performances. I think that Mr. Miyagi just became my spirit animal really. He was funny and so wise but also had a tragic backstory that gave his demeanour so much gravitas. It was a performance that earned Pat Morita an Academy Award nomination and I can totally see why.

While highly predictable, The Karate Kid doesn’t try to change the way high school movies go. Instead, it simply tries to be original by introducing the karate aspect. I love reading on movies after watching them and The Karate Kid is credited for being the reason why karate became so popular in North America and I can totally see why.

The Karate Kid teaches lessons that are necessary in life. Revenge isn’t what you should aspire to, fighting isn’t something you should want. A quote that stuck with me in this was something Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel. You train to fight so you won’t have to fight. It’s such an important lesson, Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel defence before offence and I think that says a lot about the theme of the film.

The Karate Kid is a classic that I should have watched sooner and didn’t by fear of not liking it. I had memories of scenes but never the whole thing because I never watched it completely. But I was fond of those memories because of the surroundings of them, and that stopped me. But I am so glad that I decided to put those aside and give this a go because it was simply wonderful from beginning to end.


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