Day 9 – The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

The Five-Year Engagement doesn’t try to be anything other than a cute romantic comedy, it knows what it is and because of that it’s stronger then you would think. It does help that it has a strong cast that works really well together and helps you forget about its fault, one being that it feels like an eternity.

What gives this movie so much charms is the chemistry between Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. The whole time it just made me miss Segel who hasn’t been seen in movie as much as he once was. It’s a shame because he is a comedic genius and one of those actor who never failed to make me laugh (save that one movie with Cameron Diaz about a sex tape, that one we can forget). My favourite thing in this movie is Emily Blunt who doesn’t do enough comedies in my opinion. She has a comedic timing that she uses so well and it is showcase really well here.

The Five-Year Engagement isn’t perfect, it sometimes feel like it’s never going to end, Alison Brie’s accent leaves a lot to desire and some of the jokes don’t always land but the chemistry and the cute story saves it from being a complete disaster.


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