Day 12 – RBG (2018)

2018 was one of the best years for documentaries, and RBG is one of those prime examples. Over the last few years, Ruth Bader Ginsburg has become a pop culture icon. Seeing the Notorious RBG shirt isn’t out of the norm now and seeing where she was from and how she got to be this pop culture icon that we all know and love today.

RGB takes you by the emotion, it showcases the story of a woman who is one of the main reason why today woman are more equal than before. Ruth Bader Ginsburg did what most didn’t think was possible, she took the law straight on and made it changed. She’s a woman of great importance that everyone should know about.

I think my favourite part of the documentary was when they talked about her relationship with her husband Martin. It was nice moments that showed a more humane version of the woman we know. I also loved the way they showed the differences between them. It was cute and precious, especially when you learn how much he campaigned for her to be on the Supreme Court.

I think we forget that for a long time RBG wasn’t the most liberal on the Supreme Court but that with time she had to become more forceful with her decision. That is the time where she became the icon we know. RBG doesn’t try to make her perfect, it just tries to show us what she went through and how she not only survived but also thrived.


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