Day 13 – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004)

Watching Anchorman, the whole time I couldn’t help myself but wonder why this was such a classic. It’s not that it’s a bad movie, it’s good I guess but I just couldn’t get pass the sexism that is so integral to the story and just lives so freely without ever being fixed. I just couldn’t get pass that. When I told someone how I felt about this, he simply said back then it was okay. But was it really? 2004 is not that far, where we really okay with that much sexism?

I can see the Adam McKay of this film, his style is in this whole film and that is great but the problem is that once again it just doesn’t work for me. Maybe that is my thing, I might just not be a McKay fan. I liked the acting, I like some of the jokes, the fighting sequence was out of nowhere but it was probably the part I laughed the most.

I can see why people love this film, why it’s considered one of the greatest comedy of the 2000’s but it was just not for me. I like comedies that go to far often but Anchorman just never did it for me. It was a film that I can see the beauty if it all but it just didn’t work in my case. And I guess that is just life.


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