Day 18 – Fyre Fraud (2019)

It’s weird watching two documentaries back to back on the same subject, but it had to be done. If the Netflix documentary is really oriented around the festival itself and how everything went wrong, Hulu’s Fyre Fraud is more interested in the men itself and it’s accomplices. With an exclusive interview with Billy himself, Fyre Fraud tries to show how a pattern of behaviour and con was always there and how it ended up with the man going to prison.

What I think Fyre Fraud does better then the Netflix documentary is showcasing that most people who were under Billy have remorse. How they were all responsible for it. It was interesting to me how this documentary had at the centre someone from the media company hired to promote the thing and essentially came up with most of the marketing be in it while he was never in the other documentary and even mentioned. Until at the end you learn that that company, his former employer, accused him of being responsible for most of the media campaign and how he left because of all that. It’s interesting because that company produced the Netflix documentary and you can start seeing the bias of it all after watching Fyre Fraud.

Fyre Fraud isn’t perfect, it often tries to hard but amongst it’s faults stands a documentary that has a clear path and never deviates from it. Fyre Festival isn’t the point of the documentary, they are far more interested in the men behind and that I think is more important. Because yes, Fyre Festival was a disaster but Billy MacFarland will do this again, tried to do it again right after and that is the problem. This is a man who believes himself to be higher then everyone else and going into his psychosis is far more interesting, at least to me.

Fyre Fraud doesn’t go in great details about the festival and maybe the title of the film is misleading but because we all associate the men with the festival it works.

Now about the two documentaries, I do think that Fyre Fraud was better. It’s not because Fyre: The Greatest Festival That Never Happened wasn’t good, I enjoyed it a lot even but I just found that Fyre Fraud was a little bit more straightforward and didn’t have the bias that was dripping from the Netflix documentary, something I had a lot of difficulty digesting.


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