Day 19 – Unbreakable (2000)

Unbreakable might just be one of the best superhero movies out there and a great deconstruction of the superhero genre. It’s this kind of movie that looking at it from the surface is a Superman origin story. The indestructible man with a weakness who faces an archenemies who orchestrate everything from behind the scene. It’s a fascinating movie that creates amazing performances from both Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson.

My main thing about Unbreakable is the ending that is too weak for a movie that is otherwise strong. I do think that the twist works really well but other then that it’s very underwhelming. I know that we might learn more about the ending in Glass but imagine at the time how that ending might of felt when you didn’t know if you would get something connected to it or not. It’s an ending that you can forgive because of the rest of the film.

Unbreakable feels nothing like other superhero movies. It never tries to do the big flashy thing, instead goes deep into the psychosis of David and Elijah. It’s interesting that Elijah gets most of the flashback sequences. Because this is both of their origin story really, Elijah as the villain and David has the hero. By giving Elijah most of the flashback it justifies what he is and why he does all of this. David doesn’t need that much to explain why he wants to help people. It’s kind of laid out in front of you over the course of the film and having flashbacks for him would of felt like too much.

Unbreakable is that kind of movie that puts a twist on the superhero genre, it doesn’t try to follow the formula that everyone does. My thing about Unbreakable is that the differences makes it so much stronger and I loved that, in a world where superheroes dominate everything it’s nice to see a different take on it all.


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