Day 20 – Split (2016)

I feel like Split works better outside the idea of this trilogy that is Unbreakable, Split and Glass then it does in this trilogy. Yes, McAvoy is great in Glass (I will talk about him in the next review) but I think that the idea of Shyamalan always needing a twist ending is something that is not always needed. While I am sure it worked really well in theatres, I just feel like while it’s cool and all, it’s not necessary.

I might of liked Unbreakable more thenĀ Split but that is just because I feel like the story was stronger in the first one. That takes nothing away from Split. If I look at it simply as a standalone film, Split is pretty great. It has stellar acting from McAvoy and Taylor-Joy who both prove how they are forces to be reckon with and a direction that is straightforward and very slick. Just like many Shyamalan film my main problem stays that he tries to do too much.

I remember when this first came out, criticism was expressed towards the fact that is was portraying DID in a very poor manner and I still think that criticism is valid to an extent. While the idea of why Kevin has DID is valid, I do think that it shines a very poor light on everything that is that disorder but because it is set in a superhero universe, it is easy to forgive the faults of that.

Split stands better on it’s own then in a shared universe. With acting that I truly enjoyed, I do believe that once again the weakest link of the film is the way Shyamalan overwrites things and the ending that just feels like out of place…


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