Day 21 – Glass (2019)

I’ve always said that Shyamalan biggest problem was that he tends to overwrite things and always needs a twist ending even if it’s not really needed to make the film. And that is the biggest problem with Glass, the ending just feels like Shyamalan thought to himself that he needed a twist, opened a comic book and just pulled the first thing he saw. It doesn’t work because before that moment nothing about that twist had been hinted at.

If you look back at Unbreakable or even Split the twist makes sense. Elijah is the nemesis and has been grooming David for it, it’s hinted throughout the film so while it comes at a surprise it makes sense when you look back at it. In Split, the idea that this movie takes place in the same universe makes sense too, it less explicit but it’s also something that works, especially after it was confirmed that the kid and mother that David bumped into during one of the scene during Unbreakable was a young Kevin and his mother.

The problem with Glass is that the ending doesn’t work. For the first time here, I will warm you for spoilers since I need them to explain myself. The idea that a secret society exist and has been destroying people with abilities fit because it feels straight out of a comic book, the problem is that it doesn’t work since never before has it been hinted at. It just feels like something Shyamalan pulled out of his ass and feels like a cop out instead of thinking of an ending that would make sense.

It’s a shame really because before that last act, Glass works. The acting is great, the ideas that are developed are good, the cinematography interesting. It’s just all brought down by one decision that doesn’t make sense. It’s like everything crumbles and it just can’t stick the landing. It’s a shame really but it’s the reality of it all.


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