Day 22 – Almost Famous (2000)

I didn’t realize until after watching Almost Famous that this film was based on Cameron Crowe own story. It’s something that I didn’t realize was true because it seems so out there and yet after reading on him, it makes so much sense. A young prodigy becomes a writer for Rolling Stone Magazine, that is insane and yet it happened. It’s the perfect premise for a movie and thank god Crowe wanted to put it on film because it works so well.

I think that Almost Famous outside of the great premise is boosted by a terrific screenplay and amazing performances by the cast who fit their roles perfectly. It’s insane to me that this was Kate Hudson’s breakout role and the reason why she is one of the biggest star. You forget sometimes that they all need a breakout role and to see this for the first time you can easily understand why she blew up like she did. I always love watching breakout performances because you can see a lot of what others saw and see how their career changed and if they went for the better or worst.

Almost Famous is an interesting movie when you look at the themes. It’s about discovery, it’s about family, friendship and even independence. It’s the story about a boy finding himself amongst everyone else and it’s a subject we can all relate too. We all tried to find ourselves at some point in our lives, some are still trying to. Almost Famous does it with higher stakes but it’s still a coming of age story that we can all relate to.


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