Day 24 – The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)

It’s insane to me that since Attack The Block, Joe Cornish hasn’t directed anything at all. Attack The Block was one of those little gems that not enough people saw, unfortunately. So when I learn that The Kid Who Would Be King was his return to the screen, it made me happy and then I learned that it was a modern adaptation of the Arthurian legend and my heart just burst.

The Kid Who Would Be King isn’t perfect, it’s often very predictable but you can forgive that because it is a children’s film. The main thing that I wanted going into this film was to care for the main characters and have a somewhat accurate representation of the Arthurian Legends, something that is too often impossible. And I walked away with those two things totally fulfilled.

Yes, the jokes don’t always land and it’s easy to see what is coming next but I found myself wanting to see those kids succeed. I remember reading someone saying that the villain was so predictable and all I could think about was that this was a movie about kids becoming characters of the Arthurian Legends, of course, Morgana was going to be predictable. She wasn’t the important part of the film, the kids were.

The acting was good, they followed the legend pretty closely and the story was engaging. The Kid Who Would Be King basically tells you it’s moral right out, it’s not hard to see what the whole movie is about, Cornish doesn’t hide what he thinks of the world and where it’s going. The world is in the hands of the children and they are the one who will shape it. Even Merlin says it, they are the past, they are the future and that is so true to today’s world.


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